The Scent

You surprised me

By stepping into my heart

As I wasn’t known 

A door being there

It was a deserted place

Which no one had ever explored

You came

And it started becoming a garden

Eventually turnd into a bliss

Now, when you no longer stay there

I often visit

To breath you in

As your scent is still there

And I would not let it fade

Script That Has To Be Followed

Drama of life. A prewritten script. All charaters ought to perfom.

The liberation of choice is given. But you can not choose that, what’s not written.

You are promised a freedom which no one could ever had entertained.

No barriers, no harnesses, no code of conduct.

Just a hoax to keep you stuck.

Neither you have any option, nor a chance of escape.

You have to embrace the life you got.

Fate drapes your entire being.

Your destiny is predefined. Life take turns accordingly by the plan.

You didn’ t want to start but you had to.

Now you don’t want to leave your life but you would have to.

Life or a load of penalty no one had ever figured it out!

Kindness A Great Virtue

From ground of the earth it grows 

High up in the sky it shines

Kind gesture makes you a steller

That every act of yours defines

It’s a language deaf hears n dumb speaks

Console hearts confine fears, solace agony wipe away tears

Tranquitity and peace is all your soul needs

You get it by giving, this is how it breeds

Kindness is a great virtue everyone agrees

It takes your heart to the melting degrees