Three Word Story

Miserably miserable miseries.


My Longings For You.

My longings for you.

Why don’t I stop chasing you

You don’t I stop loving you

When would I understand

You are nothing but an illusion

Which provokes my delusion

You will never be mine, ages I agog

Won’t pay me any sense of affection

I know it all

But I wont confess


I don’t want to speak

Words are burden

What I say 

is not always

What you understand

You are my human dairy

I tell you all my stories

Yet, you don’t get me often

And that makes me drear

I want to invent a language

Needless of words

Which I don’t ought to speak 

And you don’t misaprehend.

The Scent

You surprised me

By stepping into my heart

As I wasn’t known 

A door being there

It was a deserted place

Which no one had ever explored

You came

And it started becoming a garden

Eventually turnd into a bliss

Now, when you no longer stay there

I often visit

To breath you in

As your scent is still there

And I would not let it fade

Script That Has To Be Followed

Drama of life. A prewritten script. All charaters ought to perfom.

The liberation of choice is given. But you can not choose that, what’s not written.

You are promised a freedom which no one could ever had entertained.

No barriers, no harnesses, no code of conduct.

Just a hoax to keep you stuck.

Neither you have any option, nor a chance of escape.

You have to embrace the life you got.

Fate drapes your entire being.

Your destiny is predefined. Life take turns accordingly by the plan.

You didn’ t want to start but you had to.

Now you don’t want to leave your life but you would have to.

Life or a load of penalty no one had ever figured it out!