The passion for compassion

One fine day, when I was driving back to home along with my teenage daughter. I witnessed a chaos on the main street.
“This must be a woman I said impulsively. My daughter got massively offended with such a MISOGYNIST remark I passed. Why would others respect our gender if we being women wont? She exclaimed.
I asked her to calm down as it wasn’t an outraged affront insult as she took it. Then I tried to make my point clear that men have way better driving skills than us. It is a general consensus regardless of any race or skin colour. Why to give them credit only for the driving skills, they have better cooking skills too. Nothing is compatible with the tea served at roadside motels and kiosks. No offence to the poories made by your mom but you can’t get the taste you get from the poories served by poori walas. Most of the renown culinary chefs are men. The best makeup artist hairstylists are also found to be men too.
I’ve heard women complaining about keeping and maintaining a house as a predefined woman’s job by default. If I wish a lavish living and be treated like a lord or patrician where do I head to? Can anyone else serve it better than a five star hotel? The first hotel was opened in japan in 718.
All of their housekeeping staff was male. They were to do dishes, dirty laundries, making immaculate rooms, washrooms, serving and preparing food, and even giving wake up calls. So here the debate of house chores a woman’s job rests.
Then what are we(women) good for?
Sir William Golding said,:
“I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men. They are far superior and always have been.”
A woman is the nurturer of the whole mankind regardless to gender. And here I don’t mean mother by woman.
Have you ever noticed that most of our educational institutions have female headmistress/principal? Might it be segregated by gender or a co-ed. Women are blessed with compassionate and consoling attitude as compared to men. Both male and female children feel comfortable to bring their problems and needs rather to a female. They feel secure and protected. Another reason is the quality of articulation between children, staff and mentors. A male head cannot manage to keep peace, balance and discipline in the institution all at the same time.
A woman itself is a solace. She is a relief from the agony of life. Whether it is a warm lap of your mother or it be a cherishing comforting embrace of your wife. It could be the nonstop chattering of your sister soothing your stress.
A woman is far more superior than a man. She is born with a crown over her head. A woman is a womb of the universe. She incarnates life. The strongest kind. A mother’s lap is the only place where you find yourself safe. The tranquillity is priceless. Even a 40yr old man forgets about the miseries of his life when he places his head on his mother’s shoulder. We pat a baby and it goes to sleep, the pat gives him the feeling of the Heart beat it used to hear when it was in the womb.
Woman is not weak. Not fragile. She is the strongest human kind. She bears the pain of child birth. She carries a child for 9months allowing the foetus to eat her bones and suck her blood. She endure sleepless nights and restless days. There is nothing a man can do but a woman can’t. But there are hundreds of thousand things a woman does but a man can’t. Even if he tries to.
They say, A mother’s lap is every child’s first school. All of us had been nurtured and brought up in that school. The Kings, the warriors, the satans and the saints, or even the misogynists. The fight is within. It’s a woman’s job to make a man’s personality. when a male child is born he is just a soft mouldable clay. It’s us, the women who make a defacto worshipped idol out of it or make him a sensible sensitive human being who respects and acknowledges the rights of the other gender too.
Nothing is immortal in this perishable world. Two people start off a new life with a knot of marriage but always there is one who is left behind. If a woman is the one, all she is worried about is from where to earn how to manage the bread n butter and a shade over the head of their family. But if it is the other way round man worries how to live! Might he have kids of any age might he have all the wealth and resources or a trusted nanny but still he needs a woman in his life to keep it running smoothly. And here I am not talking about sexual needs at all. A woman has the ability to interweave all members of the family together.
Compassion is a characteristic a woman is blessed with. No man can console a broken soul like a woman does. Home is not a place it is a feeling. You feel at home when you get a warm welcoming smile. Your fatigue sheds off and you are ready for another challenging day coming ahead. A man makes a house, runs a house and a woman’s existence makes it a home.
The urge to drag a woman out of the house and consume her in the economic industry just considering her as an individual nullifying her abilities and just demanding her to make money iis like cutting tall trees to make a motorway. You add speed to your life but at the same time you tear down the source of oxygen and air purification. Slowly your enviorment gets polluted and you suffer from harsh whether conditions which you never had anticipated. In the same way the results are worse. A woman is talented in her own way. Embellished with the unique adornments nature has blessed her with.


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