Attention Is Attraction.

What attracts a human heart? I think it’s rather blind. It just acknowledges the vibes, that don’t always need to be seen but felt. Attention is a compelling force. The more you receive it, the more you are hooked and trolled towards it. The feel that someone is there who cares and is concerned allays the anxiety. It diminishes aloofness. Money doesn’t untie the knot of grief but a listening ear does. Our hearts wafts unconciously where it gets a welcoming touch. In this fast lane era, getting attention from someone makes you feel special and attracted. When you give someone your attention, you are allowing them, consume the most priceless, non reimbursable and limited resource of your life, that is your time. You give them a part of you. And that only a benumbed or unsentient heart can’t recognise.


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