The Dearest

Sometimes in life we lose hope, our dignity and courage to rise. When we feel empty and valueless. The color of life starts fading away, we are all alone between people we know but at times we think, we don’t. This vain feel leads us to a dark pit of pessimism. The only lifeline you are left with is a ‘friend’.

Friend is the one you can always count on. Who listens to all your nonsense and still doesn’t want to lose you.

 Family is given by God but a friend is the one you pick from billions by choice. They are connected through heart. No need to see each other often, an unseen band interconnects. They feel unexpressed emotions and listens to untold stories.

Friends are treasures, God’s blessing who strengthens you when low, who cheers you when bleak and gives you hope when find yourself null. The best listener, a guide and your stupidity companion.


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