Tomorrow’s Future In Our Lap Today.

The purest smile that fills up life into your veins, the most cherishing hug free from any guile, the adoreable kisses that incarnates you again. A child gives you the reason to smile regardless of what circumstances you are passing through, he hitches you to the galaxy of surreal pleasure and comfort. He soothes your afflictions and take you from misery to bliss, in just a glance.

Their smile is priceless and the gesture of showing love is heavenly. Childhood is the most memorable season of ones life, the oblivious and carefree. Playing with a child gives you joy and pleasure, it relaxes your mind and releases the stress. A child can make your day, what you do to him makes his life. Childhood is considered as a lynchpin of anyone’s personality. No matter what the size of a house was where he grew, which car rode him to school, which brand he wore when little or what restaurants he visited often, what makes his personality is the environment he was thriven. He does not follow what he is taught but what he observes.

Every single person that he meets leaves a mark on his personality. Environment does not mean home only. It includes school, playtime buddies, people around him, people connected to his parents, the places he visits, the mentors and even the maids and servants he gets intouch with. Every strange behaviour echoes in his mind throughout the life. 

It is our responsibility to provide clean and healthy environment to these tiny buds, so they could flourish and boom into vibrant flowers and add vivid colours to the garden of our society.


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