Hey Men! The Second Sex Is Second To None.

People are devided into man and woman by gender. They can be easily distinguished from each other by physical appearance, but the emotional state, passions, sentiments, priorities and above all the sensitivity are the same in both of them.

“Be a man, respect women”. It sounds like an oxymoron accordant with our social behaviour. A phrase that consists of two opposites.

A man is more of a symbol of strength and courage. A strong body that sustains heavy weights and difficult tasks. Men are accepted as a ruling gender, whereas women are rated as fragile and weak. Always dependant. They are called The Second Sex.

Women are treated as a comodity as if they dont feel or think. According to the unwritten rule they are the personal attendants whose job is to obey the commands and please their men.

No, women are the pillars of our society. They give birth to life. They are stronger than men as their jobs are tougher and way more tasking than men and above all, there is no work a woman can’t do but a man does’nt  fit in the same box. 

A gentleman is the one who treats his lady properly. Who gives her due respect, value and importance. This is fundamental for the poise in life. Positive attitude and acceptance for each other makes prosperity viable.


8 thoughts on “Hey Men! The Second Sex Is Second To None.

  1. If only some men will have this ingrained into them. Unconsciously they disrespect women because it is a full part of them. Nice post, Sadmasood. Thanks for following my blog. I’ll read your works too and if they enthrall me just like mine did yours I’ll follow you.

    well done!

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  2. Hi masood, first of all thanks for liking my post and giving your valuable time. Actually I have migrated my blog from WordPress.com to. Org, so you may please visit at tuneupsuccess.com for more. I will definitely visit your blog. Thanks once again.

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